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For clients with simple or complex property and support issues and/or parenting concerns, Meredith collaborates to design customized solutions to fit each unique situation. Every family comes to the table with a different set of objectives, needs and interests. If the parties already work well together, Meredith provides sufficient legal information and advice to allow them to reach a solution.

Calm, Balanced and Reasonable Approach

Meredith’s calm, balanced and reasonable approach brings clarity and compassion to complicated situations.  Big picture settlements can emerge from uncovering and understanding the tiny details.  The key is to find out which of the small details will either hinder or promote resolution and then decide how best to work with the information to encourage settlement.  Meredith helps clients keep the wellbeing of their children ahead of their own interests to develop creative solutions with the children as the priority.  As one of the panel lawyers for the Office of the Children's Lawyer, Meredith has represented children in custody and access disputes, child protection and estate matters.

Whether the case is resolved in a collaborative setting, through mediation or in court, Meredith is settlement-oriented.  She coaches clients to be more effective in their discussions and to acknowledge the interests of all parties in order to build bridges between them.  She is committed to resolving family law disputes compassionately, efficiently and cost-effectively for the sake of the family and the children caught in the middle. An ability to understand the unique personal needs and complex financial interests of individuals and families in the midst of stressful transitions is at the forefront when Meredith represents a client.

Meredith’s practice integrates the legal aspects of conflict resolution with the many other less tangible dimensions of the issues facing the client.  By gaining an understanding of clients’ core values and interests in connection with their unique stories Meredith blends humanity with her legal roles as a lawyer and mediator.

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