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Representing individuals and business owners, her practice focusses on all areas of family law, including divorces, independent legal advice, pre or post separation consultations, custody/access, property, support, varying orders and domestic contracts (separation agreements, marriage contracts and cohabitation agreements)

After 21 years of practising Family Law in Oakville, Toronto, Mississauga, Milton and Brampton, Meredith founded her own law firm in 2015.  Her career has included advocating, coaching, consulting, teaching, writing, editing and mediating with a focus on helping clients achieve settlement through conflict management.  The goal is to find workable outcomes that fit the needs of the client both in the short and the long term.

For clients with simple or complex property and support issues and/or parenting concerns, Meredith collaborates to design customized solutions to fit each unique situation.  Every family comes to the table with a different set of objectives, needs and interests.  If the parties already work well together, Meredith provides sufficient legal information and advice to allow them to reach a solution.

Changes to Agreements and Court Orders

Once an agreement or court order has been in place for period of time, changes or adjustments may become necessary.  Meredith meets with clients to determine the next steps to allow appropriate variations to occur either through negotiation, collaboration, mediation or litigation.    

Independent Legal Advice

Meredith provides independent legal advice to clients who are in the midst of negotiating or mediating separation agreements, marriage contracts and cohabitation agreements.  Informed consent is critical to reaching an acceptable agreement.  Accordingly, Meredith ensures clients are sufficiently educated about their legal and financial rights and obligations before they make final decisions and enter into agreements.  If the mediation process has commenced, Meredith can help with independent legal advice and coaching to help advance interests and explain legal rights.  Meredith adds value by strategizing with the client and by clarifying the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed settlement.  Once the mediator prepares the Memorandum of Understanding based on an agreement reached in mediation, Meredith is available to provide legal advice and guidance with the objective of achieving a signed Separation Agreement. Meredith regularly attends mediations with clients to support them in reaching a final agreement.

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